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Take a look at the information below and see how you can get involved:


Since the Olympic and Paralympic Games of 1996 in Atlanta, the Christian community's involvement with the world's major sporting events has been under the banner 'More Than Gold'.  This provides:  

A flag for united faith-based outreach, hospitality and service,

An interface between the event's organising committee and the churches.

To get ready for the 2012 Games, More Than Gold was established as a charitable trust  under the chairmanship of Lord Brian Mawhinney - it has the support of all the main denominations and over sixty Christian organisations and mission agencies.

More Than Gold organise events to share their vision and enthuse people to get their local church involved in this special opportunity.  They also produce high quality publicity materials, which are available to order from them direct, as follows:

  • Helping churches make the most of the 2012 Games,
  • Service - putting the love of Christ into action,
  • Hospitality - a generous welcome in Jesus' name,
  • Outreach - going beyond the church walls.

Please visit their website for loads more information and help.



"Inspiring communities before, during and after the London Olympic and Paralympic Games."

Full time volunteers needed - for a few weeks in summer 2012 -  London will be the focus of the world.

You could be running a community cafe, coaching sport, supporting the homeless, setting up a furniture exchange programme, organising church events, or getting alongside those in need.  In fact, you could be doing anything!


For more information, please visit their website.





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