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Do please contact them directly if you feel the nature of their work would be helpful to you:


St Albans Diocese has had a link with countries in the Caribbean since 1986 - the aims are to provide an exchange of prayer, of information and of personnel.

Contact: Chair - Richard Franklin  -



Aims to support clergy and parishes in understanding the needs of a full range of disabled people, the elderly and their carers.

Contacts:  Chair - Brenda Tipping  -  or  Secretary - Lynda Logan  -



Seeks to offer advice on all matters concerning the environment and sustainability.

Contact: Chair - Richard Southern  -



Supports links between our parishes and parish churches in Europe, and seeks to raise awareness of the ecumenical dimension to European unity.

Contact: Chair - Helen Hutchison  -



Advises on and promotes the Christian ministry of healing and seeks to provide training, support and expertise.

Contact: Chair - Carl Garner -



Seeks to address issues of understanding and awareness of HIV/AIDS and initiates practical activities to have a positive impact on individual's quality of life.

Contact: - Chair - Susan Roberts  -




Seeks to educate and mobilise churches on issues to do with criminal justice and be a Christian voice in the criminal justice system.

Contact: Chair - Simon Baynes  -



Seeks to raise awareness, offer support and advice on issues relating to race equality.  Also advises on the Diocesan Race Equality Policy.

Contact: Chair - Pam Wise  -



Offers advice to partnerships between parishes and ecumenical partners or agencies, also seeks to respond to the needs - social, spiritual, economic - identified in rural communities.

Contact: Chair - Trevor Jones  -




Seeks to promote all forms of mission across the spectrum of urban settings in the diocese- having a particular concern for deprived areas.

Contact: Chair - Andrew Coleby  -



Seeks to increase awareness of our responsibilities in mission and to share insights from the world church.  Encourages support for mission by prayer, service & giving.

Contact: Chair - Chris Briggs  -



Offers background support to detainees at Yarlswood Immigration Detention Centre, prusuing appeals and court hearings.

Contact: Chair - Graham Clarke  -



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