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"Nothing could be more important for growing the church and transforming our society than developing Christian leaders of wisdom, skill and integrity - and no-one does that better than CPAS."


CPAS offer 'Growing Leaders' courses to enable you to develop leaders at all levels within your church - the course packs provide all the materials, presentations and session plans to set up and run a complete course.  There is also a specific Youth Edition for groups of 14-18s.


'Growing Leaders has begun to have a real ripple effect through our church.... we have begun to see people taking up leadership roles, understanding what their calling is and to live out that calling in their lives."



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CPAS offer ‘Growing Leaders’ courses to enable you to develop leaders at all levels within your church - the course packs provide all the materials. Web Design Agency

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There is also a specific Youth Edition for groups of 14-18s. SEO Agency

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