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What do you mean by pioneering mission?


"Some of us are doing stuff that has been done before .... pioneering involves reimagining, coming up with fresh approaches, not being constrained by a box ...  Pioneering is freedom to try new things, starting stuff from scratch."


"For me being a pioneer is simply about going and being a Christian to those who have never encountered Christians or Christianity before.  It's a simple as that for me."


The course:

  1. gives pioneers, who often find themselves "on the edge", a supportive, learning community - a place to belong
  2. equips pioneers to initiate and carry on mission projects that have a wider impace on the church and society
  3. meets an identified need within the wider church for a diverse approach to training mission pioneers

In short, this unique course equips pioneers - lay, ordained and anywhere in between - for effective mission in a new way.  It is not only a validated course of study; it's a new course of action. 


Be part of it.


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