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St Michael’s in the Marsh SAMPLE

Our Details

George Smith .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Date Adopted by PCC: 01 11 2011
Date presented to APCM:
Date sent to Bishop:
Date review date: 01 11 2012

Parish: St Michael’s in the Marsh
Deanery: Green Fields

Our Looking

Three things we have seen about our parish and our world

  1. It is a beautiful area, where people generally care for one another and there is a good quality of life
  2. The cost of living is high, and nearly all community facilities are situated out of the village
  3. The village school has developed a really fruitful link with a school in India

Three things we have seen about our church

  1. There are only two community buildings in the village, the church is one of them
  2. There is a sizeable proportion of the village who have little or no contact with the church
  3. Many of the members of congregation make strong connections between their faith and their life

Our Discerning

How we want to be described in five years’ time.

A growing, serving and welcoming community of people 
who make a difference in the village
through worship, through prayer and through action.

Our three key priorities for the next five years.

  1. To welcome and fully involve new people in the life of the church
  2. To develop the church building to enable more community use
  3. To grow in confidence in what we know about our faith and how we share it

Our five key SMART goals for the next year or more.

  1. Develop plans for a toilet and a small kitchen in the church – and get it done
  2. Organise a better system for keeping in touch with visitors and contacts through occasional offices
  3. Run a Christian basics course this year
  4. Work with the school to develop the Indian link to become village to village
  5. Keep the church open as much as possible and produce a good welcome leaflet