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Redford St Mary SAMPLE

Our Details

Anne White .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Date Adopted by PCC: 07 07 2011
Date presented to APCM:
Date sent to Bishop: 18 09 2011
Date review date: 01 04 2012

Parish: Redford St Mary
Deanery: Redford

Our Looking

Three things we have seen about our parish and our world

  1. It’s a good world which God has made; it’s a fragile world which is under pressure
  2. There are many times more people who shop, work & play in our town centre parish than live here.
  3. 100 people walked through our church yard in one hour one ordinary weekday morning

Three things we have seen about our church

  1. Although numbers have been fairly static, within that there is a relatively high turnover of people
  2. The congregation is increasingly representing a wide range of ethnic backgrounds
  3. In the 1990s there were 6 vocations to full time Christian ministry, in 2000’s none

Our Discerning

How we want to be described in five years’ time.

Our vision is 
to be people who love God and love their town
to be passionate disciples of Jesus on Mondays as on Sundays
to be prayerful, open and generous companions to all whom we meet on the way
to be partners in transformation locally and globally

Our three key priorities for the next five years.

  1. A commitment to discipleship for all and in all areas of daily life
  2. A commitment to partnership with others in seeking the Kingdom in our town and our world
  3. A commitment to openness to God and others, in our worship, in our witness and in our stewardship

Our five key SMART goals for the next year or more.

  1. Engage with the ‘Imagine Project’ from LICC – or equivalent – to help develop 24/7 discipleship
  2. Ensure that every service includes creative and appropriate times of reflection, listening and silence
  3. Explore with other churches the development of a Town Centre Chaplaincy – get advice
  4. As part of the priority of discipleship, develop plans to help others explore vocations to ministry.
  5. Develop a welcome project engaging with those who walk through churchyard as well visitors to the church.