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The Living God's Love journey has three strands.

Going Deeper into God
Transforming Communities
Making New Disciples

These are not three separate journeys, not three options from which to take our pick, rather one journey into the love of God for us and for his world.

It's a journey worth travelling and a journey worth exploring.

Download three reflections to help that exploration.  The reflections look at three biblical journeys.


Elijah's Journey from 1 Kings 19
The Disciples' Journey from Luke 10
and The Journey to Emmaus from Luke 24

It is helpful to look at them together and compare the themes in each of the journeys.

Download the leaflet to have a record of the themes and bible verses.

The PowerPoint presentations are in a (compressed) folder together with an audio file. 
Click on the link to download the folder and save it to your computer. 
Ensure that the PowerPoint and the audio file are in the same folder, don't rename the audio file.
Open the PowerPoint and start the slide show (press F5).  It will automatically move to the next slide and you should hear the music after the first couple of slides.